Genealogical research

Whether you wish to build up your family tree or just to know more about one of you ancestors, GeneaLeb can conduct a family research.

In Lebanon, GeneaLeb accesses all available archives such as civil status, religious archives, schools, universities, etc.

In other countries, GeneaLeb is granted to access some restricted websites and on line sources.

Solving inheritance issues

GeneaLeb can help solving inheritance issues in Lebanon by providing legal documents about Lebanese emigrants, including registering their civil status with the Lebanese authorities.

On the other hand many descendants of emigrants do not even know that they have properties in Lebanon. GeneaLeb can also help identifying these properties and solving the inheritance issues.

Nationality recovery

Many foreigners lived in the Ottoman Empire and many of them settled down in Syria, Lebanon or Palestine during the Mandate. They usually came from France, UK, Italy or other European countries.

As a result, many Lebanese have foreign amonf their ancestors someone who carried a foreign nationality.and might be interested in recovering it.

GeneaLeb can get the appropriate documents to build up a file proving their ascendance.