• Discover your origins

    Whether you are Lebanese or descendant of Lebanese, we can help you get information about your family.
    Legal documents can help you recover your rights (nationality, inheritance,...).

    Recovering a nationality

    Was any of you ancestors Italian, Turkish, Brazilian, Greek, ...)? Do you wish to recover his/her nationality?

    Family tree

    Who were your ancestors? Where et how did they live? GeneaLeb can help you building up your family tree.

    Archive sources

    Important archives are available in Lebanon: churches, schools, ...
    Unfortunately, they are usually not numerized and cannot be accessed online.

    Legal documents

    GeneaLeb provides legal documents about emigrates and descendance from foreign countries to solve legal issues: inheritance, nationality recovery, etc.

    Our network

    GeneaLeb built up an important network with genealogists all over the world: Europe, North and South America, South Africa, etc.


    GeneaLeb will answer any question related to its field of work.
    Send an email or check the FAQ.